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2018 All-Central Texas High School Football Team

2018 All-Central Texas High School Football Team

2018 All-Central Texas High School Football Team

   The 2018 high school football season in Central Texas was filled with record-breaking performances, amazing moments and memories, exhilarating comeback wins and gut-wrenching last-second losses. We discovered new up-and-coming stars blended in with players who have staked their claim among the best we’ve ever watched. And, in the end it was a season that included state championship victories for La Vega, Mart and Grandview.

   In what is almost an impossible task, the staff at ESPN-Central Texas took on the project of creating an All-Central Texas High School Football Team. A team made up of every classification, Six-Man to Class 6-A, public and private schools from nearly 100-programs we covered on an every week basis.

   We start the release of our team with those players who shined the brightest under the Friday Night Lights.

-David Smoak, ESPN Central Texas



Most Valuable Player:

James Fullbright III, RB, Midway

268-carries for 1,971-yards, 25-TD’s, 20-catches for 162-yards. (Career: 649-carries for 4,633-yards, 63-TD’s, 65-catches for 543-yards, 1-TD). District Most Valuable Player.

James Fullbright 2018 Season Highlights

Offensive Player of the Year:

Jay’Veon Sunday, RB, Connally

300-carries for 2,329-yards, 36-TD’s.
(School records for all-time rushing yards and TD’s in a career). District Offensive MVP.

Jay’Veon Sunday 2018 Season Highlights

Defensive Player of the Year:

Jared Rogers, LB, La Vega

194-Tackles, 12-TFL, 5-QBP, 3-Sacks, 5-PBU, 2-CF, 2-FR, 4-Interceptions, 2-Defenisve TD’s. Played in 61-games during HSFB career.

Jared Rogers 2018 Season Highlights

Special Teams Player of the Year:

Logan Smith, K/P, Belton

6-10 FG’s (Long-51), 55-XP’s. 26-Touchbacks. 1st Team Kicker. 29-punts for 36.5-average, Long-65, 9-Inside 20.

Logan Smith 2018 Season Highlights

Offensive Lineman of the Year

Jaelyn Maladdie, OT, La Vega

Graded-96%, 2-Penalties All-Season (16-Games), 36-Pancakes, 1-Sack Allowed.

Jaelyn Maladdie 2018 Season Highlights

Defensive Lineman of the Year:

Elijah Green, DE, Mart

133-Tackles, 35-TFL, 9 ½-Sacks, 25-QBP, 1-Interception, 1-FR, 4-CFm 1-Blocked FG. (Career: 375-Tackles, 22-Sacks, 71-TFL, 4-Blocked Kicks/Punts). District Defensive MVP, 2-Time State Champions.

Elijah Green 2018 Season Highlights

Co-Coaches of the Year:

Don Hyde, La Vega


Kevin Hoffman, Mart

Iron Men of the Year:

Ameer Lee, WR/RB/CB/FS/KR-PR, Groesbeck

156-carries for 1,279-yards, 17-TD’s, 28-catches for 294-yards, 28-catches for 294-yards, 3-TD’s. (Scored 7 Non-Offensive TD’s in special teams and defense). 33-Tackles, 4-Interceptions, 1-TD. 4-KR for 43.0-average, 1-TD, 17-PR for 27.9-average, 5-TD’s (Long-83).

Ameer Lee 2018 Season Highlights


Dane Jentsch, Soph., QB/S/KR-PR/Holder, Grandview

223-288 passing for 3,016-yards, 40-TD’s. 215-carries for 1,299-yards, 18-TD’s. Also, 133-Tackles and 8-PBU

Dane Jentsch 2018 Season Highlights


Riley Perry, RB/LB, Clifton

96-carries for 1,038-yards (10.8), 14-TD’s. District Most Valuable Player. 97-Tackles, 5-TFL, 3-Sacks, 1-Interception. District MVP.

Riley Perry 2018 Season Highlights

Offensive Newcomer of the Year:

Kadarius Marshall, RB, Killeen

165-carries for 1,237-yards, 11-TD’s and 6-receiving TD’s. District Offensive Newcomer of the Year.

Kadarius Marshall 2018 Season Highlights

Defensive Newcomer of the Year:

Jordan Rogers, LB, La Vega

   This is my 38th-year covering Texas High School Football and I’m continually blown away by how the torch of greatness is passed on from one year to the next. And, I’m a firm believer in recognizing all three phases of the game, offense, defense and special teams.

   Of course there will be the playmakers on offense and defense, the stars who earn the weekly and annual awards, but what about those who are far too often overlooked, including a deep snapper on field goals and extra points or the dirty work of a player who covers on kick and punt returns. And, so we hope you enjoy as we honor the elite of the elite in Central Texas.

1st Team Offense:

Dual Threat QB: Cameron Griffin, Glen Rose – 205-353 passing for 3,837-yards, 52-TD’s, 153-carries for 963-yards, 12-TD’s. (Career: 6,453-yards passing, 86-TD’s, 1,454-yards rushing, 20-TD’s. District MVP

Drop-Back QB: Tyler Webb, Bosqueville – 184-304 passing for 3,129-yards, 37-TD’s, 32-carries for 181-yards, 7-TD’s.

Utility/Athlete: Shatydrick Bailey, Mart – 110-carries for 1,591-yards, 23-TD’s, 23-catches for 302-yards, 3-TD’s. District Offensive MVP, 2017 State Championship MVP

Running Back: Jay’veon Sunday, Connally – 300-carries for 2,329-yards, 36-TD’s. (School records for all-time rushing yards and TD’s in a career). District Offensive MVP.

Running Back: James Fullbright III, Midway – 268-carries for 1,971-yards, 25-TD’s, 20-catches for 162-yards. (Career: 649-carries for 4,633-yards, 63-TD’s, 65-catches for 543-yards, 1-TD). District Most Valuable Player.

Running Back: Tyrek Horne, Mart – 145-carries for 1,886-yards 33-TD’s, 20-catches for 517-yards, 8-TD’s. (Career Rushing: 461-6,511-91TD; Receiving 35-867-10TD). District MVP, State Championship Game MVP, 2-Time State Champions.

Fullback: Clayton Rosprim, Franklin – 158-carries for 1,622-yards, 21-TD’s. District Offensive MVP.

Tight End/H-Back: Davis Shackelford, Glen Rose – 51-catches for 1,053-yards, 16-TD’s, 26-Knockdowns. District Utility Player of the Year.

Wide Receiver: Anthony Brown, Belton – 75-catches for 1,134-yards, 14-TD’s. 1st-Team All-District.

Wide Receiver: Marcell Estell, Bosqueville – 57-catches for 1,104-yards, 14-TD’s, 71-carries for 582-yards, 10-TD’s.

Wide Receiver: Quentin Johnston, Temple – 45-catches for 923-yards, 16-TD’s.

Wide Receiver: Kolby Tanner, Whitney – 65-catches for 1,257-yards (19.3), 14-TD’s.

Offensive Tackle: Jaelyn Maladdie, La Vega – Graded-96%, 2-Penalties All-Season (16-Games), 36-Pancakes, 1-Sack Allowed.

Offensive Tackle: Trent Pullen, Connally – 47-Pancakes, anchored offensive line for an offense that compiled 4,525-yards of offense. District’s Outstanding Offensive Lineman.

Offensive Guard: Jake Long, Midway – Graded-92%, 55-Pancakes.

Offensive Guard: Charles Booker, China Spring – Graded-94.5%, 45-Pancakes.

Center: Brayden Benson, Santo – Graded-96% for an offense that rushed for 3,680-yards. No sacks allowed.

1st Team Defense:

Defensive End: Elijah Green, Mart – 133-Tackles, 35-TFL, 9 ½-Sacks, 25-QBP, 1-Interception, 1-FR, 4-CFm 1-Blocked FG. (Career: 375-Tackles, 22-Sacks, 71-TFL, 4-Blocked Kicks/Punts). District Defensive MVP, 2-Time State Champions.

Defensive End: DeMarr Hayes, La Vega – 75-T, 5-TFL, 28-QBP, 10-Sacks, 1-PBU, 4-CF, 3-FR.

Pass Rush Specialist: Roddrell Freeman, Mart – 127-T, 37-TFL, 12-Sacks, 20-QBP, 4-FR, 7-CF. (Career: 242-T, 58-TFL, 22-Sacks, 6-FR, 10-CF). 2x All-District. 2-Time State Champions.

Defensive Tackle: Henry Soukup, West – 70-Tackles, 7-TFL, 3-Sacks, 1-CF, 2-FR, 7-QBP. District Defensive Lineman of the Year.

Defensive Tackle: Carson Byrd, Midway – 90-Tackles, 15-TFL, 2-Sacks, 1-Blocked Punt.

Linebacker: Jared Rogers, La Vega – 194-Tackles, 12-TFL, 5-QBP, 3-Sacks, 5-PBU, 2-CF, 2-FR, 4-Interceptions, 2-Defenisve TD’s. Played in 61-games during HSFB career.

Linebacker: Marcus Johnson, Midway – 175-Tackles (105-Solo), 6-FR, 1-Defensive TD, 1-Interception, 3-CF, 2-Sacks.

Linebacker: Daylon Bartosh, Lorena – 215-Tackles (136-Solo), 17-TFL, 4-Sacks, 13-QBP, 2-CFm 4-FR. (Career: 301-Tackles). 2-Time All-District.

Cornerback: Korie Black, Connally – 33-Tackles, 7-Interceptions, 3-CF, 2-FR, 3-PBU. 1st-Team All-District.

Cornerback: Ryan Stapp, College Station – 66-Tackles, 23-PBU, 5-Interceptions, 3-TFL, 2-QBP, 1-KR for Touchdown. (8-Interceptions and 36-PBU over last 2-years)

Safety: Donta Stuart, La Vega – 75-Tackles, 14-PBU, 5-Interceptions. Opponents would rarely throw in his direction.

Safety: Trevius Hodges, Midway – 105-Tackles, 2-Interceptions for TD’s, 4-PBU, 1-Blocked FG that was returned for a TD. (Career: 4-Defensive TD’s).

Nickel Defensive Back: Parker Nall, Midway – 95-Tackles, 4-Interceptions (1-TD), 2-CF, 1-Blocked FG Return for TD, 2-FR (1-TD), 9-PBU. (Career: 7-Interceptions, 4-Defensive TD’s).


1st Team Special Teams:

XP/FG Kicker: Logan Smith, Belton – 6-10 FG’s (Long-51), 55-XP’s. 26-Touchbacks. 1st Team Kicker.

Punter: Brandon Williams, College Station – 39-punts for 39.1-average (Long-76), 5-Inside 20. 1st-Team All-District.

Deep Snapper: Corey Preusse, Thorndale – Perfect on every XP, FG and Punt Snap.

Coverage Man: Corey Daniel, Leon – 27-Kick Return Tackles, 4-Punt Return Tackles, 2-CF on returns.

Kick/Punt Returner: Javareyon Bailey, Hearne – 6-KR for 45.2-average, 3-TD’s, 9-PR for 21.8-average, 2-TD’s. 1st-Team All-District Utility Player.

Kick/Punt Returner: Denver Holman, Belton – 18-PR for 15.8-average, 2-TD’s, 17-KR for 30.7-average, 2-TD’s.


2nd Team Offense:

Dual Threat QB: Bradley Lina, Lorena – 2,846-yards passing, 29-TD’s, 75-carries for 675-yards, 13-TD’s. District MVP.

Drop-Back QB: Ace Whitehead, Lampasas – 3,049-yards passing, 35-TD’s, 71.5% Completion, 348-yards rushing, 9-TD’s, First Area Round appearance since 2010.

Utility/Athlete: Ta’Ron Smith, Milford – 78-carries for 1,473-yards, 23-TD’s, 104-165 passing for 1,850-yards, 46-TD’s, 3-catches for 61-yards, 1-TD

Utility/Athlete: Brian Darby, A&M Consolidated – 48-catches for 655-yards, 8-TD’s, 56-carries for 486-yards (8.7), 13-TD’s. 1st-Team All-District.

Running Back: Erik Hart, RB, China Spring – 304-carries for 2,117-yards, 26-TD’s, 18-catches for 188-yards, 1-TD.

Running Back: Zach Hrbacek, Troy – 246-carries for 2,045-yards, 25-TD’s.

Running Back: Westen Halcom, Glen Rose – 237-carries for 2,002-yards, 28-TD’s, 35-catches for 623-yards, 9-TD’s, 9-2XP Conversions. 2-Time District Offensive MVP.

Fullback/H-Back/Tight End: Connor Cook, Salado – 194-carries for 1,167-yards, 12-TD’s. 1st-Team All-District.

Fullback/H-Back/Tight End: Luke Leschber, Thorndale – 142-carries for 1,148-yards, 15-TD’s. (Career Rushing Yards: 3,913).

Fullback/H-Back/Tight End: Cooper Martin, Hubbard – 100-carries for 713-yards, 9-TD’s, 25-catches for 456-yards, 4-TD’s.

Wide Receiver: Braeden Arp, Parkview Christian Academy – 96-catches for 1,901-yards, 35-TD’s. Unanimous District Offensive MVP. 1st-Team All-State.

Wide Receiver: Cameron Everts, Lampasas – 79-catches for 1,308-yards (16.6), 17-TD’s, 30-carries for 342-yards, 5-TD’s.

Wide Receiver: K.J. Peoples, China Spring – 74-catches for 857-yards, 5-TD’s.

Wide Receiver: Brady Shelton, Holland – 57-carries for 534-yards, 12-TD’s, 41-catches for 690-yards, 7-TD’s. District Most Valuable Player.

Offensive Tackle: Wesley Ndago, Midway – Graded-95%, 50-Pancakes.

Offensive Tackle: Hayden Shaw, Glen Rose – Graded 91.7%, 51-Knockdowns, 36-Pancakes, offense averaged 276.9-yards rushing per game, 562.1-total yards per game. District Offensive Lineman of the Year.

Offensive Guard: Josh Echeverria, Midway – Graded-94%, 45-Pancakes. 1st-Team All-District.

Offensive Guard: Santos Murillo, Clifton – Graded-90%.

Offensive Guard: Chris Brown, Belton – 41-Knockdowns, Graded-70%, 1st-Team All-District.

Offensive Guard: Jake Bons, Grandview – Graded 97% on the season, 62-Pancake Blocks and didn’t allow a sack in his last 30-games at the varsity level.

Center: Jace Klaus, West – Offense averaged 279-yards per game rushing. 1st-Team All-District.


2nd Team Defense:

Defensive End: T.J. Franklin, Temple – 39-T, 11-TFL, 6-Sacks, 11-QBP, 1-PBU. (Baylor)

Defensive End: Amir Ward, Killeen – 75-Tackles, 3-Sacks, 1-FR, 43-QBP, 2-PBU, 1-FR.

Pass Rush Specialist: Jar’Mychael Hudson, Fairfield – 93-Tackles, 20-TFL, 6-Sacks, 15-QBP, 1-Interception for TD, 1-CF, 2-FR. District Defensive MVP.

Defensive Tackle: Josh Ellison, A&M Consolidated – 120-Tackles, 22-TFL, 5-Sacks, 3-CF, 2-BU, 1-FR.

Defensive Tackle: LeGrand Stegall, Franklin – 56-Tackles, 19-TFL, 5-Sacks. 1st-Team All-District.

Linebacker: Will Fannin, Franklin – 137-Tackles, 2-CF, 1-FR, 7-TFL, 1-Sack, 1-PBU. District Defensive MVP.

Linebacker: KaDarrius Walker, Fairfield – 139-Tackles, 16-TFL, 3-Interceptions, 4-Sacks, 2-FR, 3-QBP, 4-PBU, 1-Blocked FG. 2-Time 1st-Team All-District.

Linebacker: Tonny Sanchez, Mart – 171-Tackles, 13-TFL, 1-Sack, 4-QBP, 2-FR, 4-CF. (Career: 244-Tackles, 33-TFL, 4-FR, 7-CF). 2-Time State Champions. 1st-Team All-District.

Linebacker: Landon Irvin, Lampasas – 135-Tackles, 4-Sacks, 5-TFL, 3-CF, 2-FR, Team MVP.

Linebacker: Chris Ingram, Killeen – 102-Tackles, 2-Sacks, 5-CF, 8-QBP, 20-TFL, 1-PBU, 1-Safety.

Cornerback: Xavier Abalos, Midway – 50-Tackles, 6-PBU, 1-Blocked FG (Career: 5-Interceptions).

Cornerback: Jaise Oliver, Fairfield – 47-Tackles, 4-Interceptions, 2-CF, 15-PBU, covered opponent’s best receiver every week, gave up just six completions. 2-Time 1st-Team All-District.

Safety: Cade Michna, Lorena – 200-Tackles (113-Solo), 7-TFL, 3-CF, 3-Interceptions, 3-PBU, 1-Blocked Punt. (Career: 339-Tackles, 14-TFL). District Defensive MVP.

Safety: Brandon Joseph, College Station – 95-Tackles, 10-PBU, 5-Interceptions, 5-TFL, 2-CF, 2-Blocked Kicks, 1-KR for TD, 1-PR for TD, 1-FR for TD. 1st-Team All-State. 3-Year Starter with 43-consecutive games without missing one.

Safety: Tanner Sepulveda, Bosqueville – 145-Tackles, 9-TFL, 4-Interceptions, 3-CF, 1-FR, 5-PBU. District Defensive MVP.

Nickel Defensive Back: Warren Brown, China Spring – 104-Tackles, 6-PBU, 5-Interceptions, 3-TFL, 1-C.


2nd Team Special Teams:

XP/FG Kicker: Claudio DeLuna, Hillsboro – 23-26 XP’s, 11-14 FG’s (Long-43), District Special Teams POY.

Punter: Da’mon Allen, P, Moody – 42-punts for 38.0-average (Long-61), 9-Inside 20.

Deep Snapper: Caleb Wright, DS, La Vega – 100% on 89-long snaps, 43-short snaps.

Deep Snapper: Duff Hunt, DS, Midway – 96 or 101 snaps were good, XP’s, FG’s, Punts.

Coverage Man: Craig Dawson, Midway – 12-Special Teams Tackles on Kick Coverage, 1-FR.

Kick/Punt Returners: Ameer Lee, Groesbeck – 4-KR for 43.0-average, 1-TD, 17-PR for 27.9-average, 5-TD’s (Long-83).

Kick/Punt Returners: Grant Nemeth, Santo – 6-KR for 49.5-average, 4-TD’s, 28-POR for 198-yards, 7.0-average.


In the end and as I mentioned from the start, it’s a nearly impossible task to breakdown dozens upon dozens of individual players and select the best. But, we took this project very seriously, contacting every single program until a coach responded with a nomination or more, or we were told they had no one to nominate from the 2018 season. And, we compiled every player nominated for every position and then some.

The entire staff at ESPN-Central Texas voted and based on overall votes and tabulations, we selected the overall 1st and 2nd-Teams. But, it would be a disservice to stop there because there are so many young men who earned their name on this team in some way. And, with that, here are those who were nominated for what they accomplished during the 2018 football season.


Honorable Mentions:

Dremon Bible, 5-7, 145, Jr., QB, Methodist Children’s Home

Kavian Gaither, 5-10, 170, Soph., ATH/Utility, Waco Connally

Carter Klepper, 6-4, 170, Sr., UTILITY, Vanguard Prep

Zach Mueller, ATH/Utility, Gatesville

Tommy Skains, Utility Back, Parkview Christian Academy

Mason Brandenberger, Jr., QB, Clifton

Braden Brashear, 5-9, 155, Jr., QB, Cameron Yoe

Ben Brittain, 6-1, 193, Sr., QB, Reicher

Connor Carothers, 5-11, 185, Sr., QB, Belton

Jerry Cephus, So., QB, Academy

Nathan Gerik, 5-11, 180, QB, West

Jacob Guereca, QB, Iredell

Ian Guerrero, QB, Parkview Christian Academy

Ty Hale, Sr., QB, Groesbeck

Riley Cosper, Sr., QB, Troy

VeAndre McDaniel, 6-1, 170, Soph., QB, McGregor

Peyton Pruett, 5-10, 195, Sr., QB, Leon

Steven Searcy, Jr., QB, Riesel

Micah Smith, 6-2, 170, Soph., QB, Hearne

Breezion Spiller, 5-11, 175, Jr., QB, Killeen Ellison

Zane Spinn, 6-2, 170, Jr., QB, Holland

Jared Wiley, 6-6, 230, QB, Temple

Devon Wilson, Jr., QB, Whitney,

Jasper Compton, Jr., RB, Iredell

Clay Cooper, 5-10, 185, Jr., RB, Holland

Lane Dach, Sr., RB, Temple Holy Trinity

JaShaughn Hatcher, 6-0, 205, Sr., RB, Fairfield

Anthony Jackson, 5-8, 175, Jr., RB, Temple

Braden Jenkins, RB, Riesel

Preston Johnson, 5-10, 165, RB, West

Tanner Ledford, RB, Waco Wind

Ramon Manrriquez, Soph., RB, Frost

Ian Nath, Sr., RB, Hamilton

Ricky Pendleton, 6-2, 210, Jr., RB, Milford

Kameron Ransom, 5-10, 175, Sr., RB, Fairfield

Hunter Sheffield, RB, Iredell

Shontez Simmons, 5-10, 180, Sr., RB, Copperas Cove

Pierce Snokhous, 5-10, 165, Sr., RB, Vanguard Prep

Ryland Turner, 6-3, 190, Sr., RB, Central Texas Christian

Nico Vargas, 5-9, 210, Jr., RB/UTILITY, Cameron Yoe

Jar’Que Walton, Soph., RB, La Vega

Morgan Whitfield RB, Iredell

Reggie Williams, 5-8, 195, Jr., RB, Methodist Children’s Home

JaSean Brooks, 6-2, 230, Jr., TE, Milford

Calvin Gunselman, 5-7, 155, Sr., FB, Centerville

Hunter Koonsman, 6-2, 215, Sr., FB, Hico

Sergio Munoz, TE, Iredell

Trevor Troy, 6-5, 210, TE, Copperas Cove

Jase Ayala, 5-10, 180, Sr., WR, Bosqueville

Jake Boozer, 6-0, 180, Soph., WR, Reicher

Demarcus DeGrate, 5-10, 170, Sr., Midway

D.J. Dormeus, 6-1, 180, Sr., WR, Killeen

Damian Dunn, 5-10, 165, Jr., WR, Hearne

T.J. Ferch, Jr., WR, Clifton

Colton Fowler WR, Iredell

Jalen Gonzales, Jr., WR, Hearne

Kadrian Hammond, 6-3, 175, Sr., WR, Cameron Yoe

Gabe Koerth, 5-9, 165, Sr., WR, McGregor

Tanner Ledesman, 6-9, 165, Sr., WR, McGregor

Tyler Lewis, WR, Gatesville

Jaylin McWilliams, 6-2, 176, Soph., WR, Academy

Devin Price, Jr., WR, A&M Consolidated

Dylan Rand, Sr., WR, Groesbeck

D’Ante Thomas, 5-8, 155, Sr., WR, Midway

Marlow Welch, 5-10, 155, Fresh., WR, Vanguard Prep

Claude Williams, Sr., WR, Killeen Shoemaker

Damyan Woodward, 6-1, 175, Jr., WR, Milford

Kobe Young, 5-10, 150, Jr., WR, Cameron Yoe

Brandon Adams, 6-3, 265, OT, West

Thomas Bowman, 6-2, 245, Soph., OT, Belton

Justin Camper, Soph., OT, Hearne

Jordan Cranston, Sr., OT, Lexington

Cody Duewall, 6-2, 245, Jr., OT, Franklin

Reid Francis, Sr., OT, A&M Consolidated

Korey Grisham, 6-1, 260, Sr., OT, Centerville

Cade Hawley, Sr., OT, Lexington

Sebastian Olvera, 6-5, 310, Soph., OT, Hubbard

Noah Plsek 6-5, 295, Jr., OT, Reicher

Braden Gettman, 5-10, 210, Sr., Central Texas Christian

Corbin Preusse, 5-10, 185, Jr., Guard, Thorndale

Hayden Goodlett, 5-11, 225, Jr., C, College Station

John Gurrell, 6-0, 260, Jr., C, Midway

Clayton Herridge, Sr., C, Groesbeck

Joseph Brotherton, Fr., DE, Groesbeck

Jaylan Brown, 6-3, 205, DE, Copperas Cove

Keegan Bunt, 6-2, 200, Sr., DE, Glen Rose

Ethan Cooper, Sr., DE, Tolar

Lane Dach, Sr., Temple Holy Trinity

Jackson Davis, 6-3, 200, Sr., DE, Vanguard Prep

Noah Jenkins, 6-0, 205, Sr., DE, McGregor

Devin Martinez, 6-4, 225, Sr., DE, Belton

D’Ashton Merida, 5-10, 215, Sr., DE, Temple

Landry Proffitt, DL, Iredell

Alfredo Rodriguez, Sr., DE, Clifton

Tristan Rudell, 6-3, 215, Sr., DE, Centerville

Nick Ucci, 6-3, 220, Sr., DE, Leon

Will Allison, 6-2, 210, Soph., DT, McGregor

JaSean Brooks, 6-2, 230, Jr., DE, Milford

Tre’Darius Colbert, Sr., DT, Temple

Ta’Shoyn Johnson, 6-1, 285, Fresh., DT, Killeen

Raquan Thompson, 6-3, 270, Sr., DT, Killeen

Aaron Allert, Jr., LB, Lexington

Alex Alonso, 5-10, 195, Sr., ILB, Cameron Yoe

Matthew Arnold, Sr., LB, Jarrell

Jacob Bravo, 5-7, 175, Sr., LB, Bosqueville

Ulices Cardona, 5-8, 185, Sr., ILB, Cameron Yoe

Tyler Cook, 5-10. 160, LB, West

Corey Ebron, OLB, Waco High

Ricky Guardiolla, Sr., LB, Troy

Dylan Hofferichter, 5-10, 210, Sr., ILB, China Spring

Antoine Holiday, Sr., LB, Temple

Adrian Jimenez, 5-9, 180, Sr., MLB, Hico

Carson Kaddatz, 5-9, 185, Jr., MLB, Waco Wind

Alijah Miles, 5-9, 180, Jr., LB, Hearne

Demond Oliver, 5-11, 240, Sr., LB, Hillsboro

Ricky Pendleton, 6-2, 210, Jr., LB, Milford

Jake Pringle, Sr., OLB, Groesbeck

Corbin Schrotke, 5-8, 180, Sr., LB, Milford

Tommy Skains, LB, Parkview Christian Academy

Terrence Smith, 5-9, 190, Sr., ILB, Leon

Curtis Stanford, 6-0, 190, Jr., ILB, Leon

Nico Vargas, 5-9, 210, Jr., LB, Cameron Yoe

Morgan Whitfield, LB, Iredell

Reggie Williams, 5-8, 195, Jr., LB, Methodist Children’s Home

Lane Womack, 6-0, 215, Sr., LB, Bosqueville

Cade Zacharias, 6-0, 210, Sr., LB, McGregor

Dremon Bible, 5-7, 145, Jr., CB, Methodist Children’s Home

Tommy Connell, 6-10, 165, Sr., CB, Copperas Cove

Damian Dunn, 5-10, 165, Jr., CB, Hearne

Nate Floyd, Jr., CB, A&M Consolidated

Colton Fowler, CB, Iredell

Ka’Zirrius Holt, 5-9, 145, Sr., CB, Cameron Yoe

Tiji Paul, Sr., CB/S, Killeen Shoemaker

Markel Reed, 6-1, 170, Sr., CB, Temple

Tate Abel, 5-11, 160, Jr., FS, Crawford

Koby Allen, Jr., S, Lampasas

Avery Archibald, 5-10, 190, Sr., SS, Franklin

Keaton Caveness, 6-3, 180, Sr., S, Leon

Roland Davis, 5-9, 160, Sr., FS, Centerville

Jonny Escoto, 5-10, 170, FS, Waco Wind

Kavian Gaither, 5-10, 17-, Soph., S, Waco Connally

Hunter Hurtig, Sr., S, Lexington

Tyler Lewis, S, Gatesville

Kiunte Lucas, 5-11, 160, Sr., FS, Hillsboro

Ramon Manrriquez Soph., S, Frost

Jordan McKinney, Sr., S, La Vega

Braylen Meador, 5-9, 170, Jr., S, Glen Rose

Caleb Meyer, Sr., S, Lexington

Jaace Miles, 5-7, 160, Jr., SS, Hillsboro

Logan Morris, 5-11, 155, Jr., FS, Hubbard

Zach Mueller, S, Gatesville

Grant Nemeth, S, Santo

Jared Pedraza, 5-11, 210, Sr., S, Franklin

Juan Saucedo, Jr., S, Whitney

Hunter Sheffield, S, Iredell

Calvin Stewart, Jr., FS, Cameron Yoe

Bryce Linder, S, A&M Consolidated

Hector Aviles, 5-9, 160, Soph., K, McGregor

Bryce Boland, Jr., K, Midway

Ulices Cardona, 5’8, 185 lb, Senior, PK, Cameron Yoe

Colton Fowler, K, Iredell

Michael Herzog, Soph., K, Thorndale

Luke Wilson, 6-0, 160, Sr., K, Vanguard Prep

Hector Aviles, P, McGregor

Michael Herzog, Soph., P, Thorndale

Jordan Bellows, 6-1, 190, DS, College Station

William Flowers, 5-10, 165, Jr., DS, Hillsboro

Duff Hunt, DS, Midway

Dinev Rosales, Sr., Killeen

Nate Floyd, Jr., KR/PR, A&M Consolidated

Carter Klepper, Sr., KR, Vanguard Prep

Ramon Manrriquez Soph.., KR/PR, Frost

Jaylin McWilliams, Soph., Academy

Grant Nemeth, KR/PR, Santo

Tommy Skains, Parkview Christian Academy

J.J. Davis, Jr., Midway

National Signing Day 2019

BELTON Tre Berry, CB, UMHB Anthony Brown, WR, Saint Anselm College Connor Carothers, QB, UMHB Octavius Davis, DE, Sul Ross State Denver Holman, WR, UMHB Jarrett Karnowski, LB, Midwestern State Devyn Raper, CB, New Mexico Military Institute BRYAN Deterious Bryant, LB, Trinity Valley CC CAMERON YOE Kadrian Hammond, WR/DB, Blinn College CHINA SPRING Charles Booker,…Continue Reading